Results. No BS. Let’s go.

In my experience, every startup needs some subset of the following marketing deliverables:

  • website
  • demand generation program
  • corporate and/or product video
  • blog
  • press releases/PR program/media outreach
  • branding & creative design
  • corporate pitch/slide template
  • investor pitch
  • web analytics program
  • social media campaigns
  • email list building & campaigns
  • event management
  • printed collateral
  • good beer (some people may not consider this a strict marketing deliverable, but I like to include it)

Fortunately, I do all of this. I’ve been building websites since 1995, when Netscape 1.0 was the standard browser, and driving successful marketing programs for 15+ years. I know Google Analytics and Google Adwords inside and out, and I can produce a plethora of deliverables independently. I’ve created more PowerPoint and Keynote decks than I can count (“they said there’d be no math”). I also have a great network of trusted vendors, ready to turn your requests into high-quality, polished results. I completely understand the budget constraints of startups and young companies.

Please contact me directly at to talk about your requirements.

About Lisa Garvey


Senior marketing leader with strong experience in all aspects of marketing communications: digital marketing, web strategy/production, advertising, video production, PR, brand/creative, event management, web analytics, social media, email marketing, and search/content networks.

Excels at building brands, creating demand, launching products, and conceiving creative global campaigns.

Recipient of multiple industry awards; 15+ years experience managing in-house teams and agencies. Invited speaker at Stanford Graduate School of Business and San Francisco 49ers panel, and Argyle CMO Leadership forum. 8+ years as a judge for Web Awards.

Enjoys being an advocate for the user and using analytics data to drive smart business decisions.

(The real scoop)

I have a degree in Philosophy and I don’t regret it. However, my friends have teased me that the only reason SCU invited me to come back and speak is because I’m “the one” with a job and a philosophy degree.  I’m a fan of big cities, Calvin and Hobbes, grocery delivery service, Nespresso, backgammon, Harlan Coben books, and dogs on the couch. I read the actual newspaper each morning.

I’m a technology geek and early adopter. I bought my first iPhone upon launch in 2007, and have a ridiculous number of tech devices at home: Roku, Apple TV, TiVo (x4), Amazon Fire TV, Nikon DSLR, MacBook Air (x2), Chromebook (x2), iMac (x3), iPad, iPad mini, iPod, iPod nano, FlipCam, Lookcie, Fitbit, Jambox, Jawbone UP, Bose headphones, Kindle (x6), Roomba (x3), Eco Reco e-scooter…hmm. I wonder why my 401(k) isn’t growing more quickly.

I love getting immediate, quantifiable results from marketing efforts in the form of web traffic, sales leads, media coverage, and social media buzz.

I’d be happy to discuss your project. Get in touch with me at, or see my LinkedIn profile for more details on my work history.