Yeah, I bought it. What’s your point?

I’m usually pretty good at spotting ridiculous things — in fact, I delight in it — but some reason, when I first came across the TaTa Towel, my first thought was: “I need that!” Perhaps I imagined it would be supportive, or at least presentable outside the confines of my bathroom, but let me tell you, it is neither of those things. Not even close.

Yes, I should have realized how silly this is.

For maximum discretion and subtlety, I selected the “magenta/heather gray” color combo, because, hey, it’s reversible!  Why, one might ask, is this thing reversible? Am I going to wear it day after day without washing it? Am I going to trick dinner guests into thinking it’s a different TaTa Towel than the one I was wearing last Saturday?

Even my husband, who generally is fond of me and has never complained about seeing me in undergarments, was like, “Um, honey, please don’t wear that.”

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